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Many individuals with complex communication needs have limited opportunities to participate in both large and small decisions in their life because of a range of barriers and lack of access to robust language systems.

One of the biggest barriers, is that people around an individual can believe they are not capable of making decisions and therefore do not provide appropriate supports or opportunities. Some people can assume they know the individual well enough to represent their views.



Whilst still advocating for all students to have access to robust language systems, this project aimed to provide schools (and others) with information and skills on how to support all individuals to improve their participation in daily decision making, regardless of how that individual communicates. 

These resources have been made free to the public for personal and professional use and are not to be included in any paid resource package. Please include any appropriate acknowledgements when using. 

The Autonomy In Decision Making Project was funded by the Non-Government Centre Support For Non School Organisations of Western Australia (NGCS).   

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