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Unlocking Students' Abilities

For students with impaired physical, sensory and cognitive abilities it can be difficult to identify and develop a reliable and independent way to access and participate in classroom activities.

The development of mainstream and specialised assistive technology can provide students with more opportunities to participate in class independently. 

Explore our many resources about eye gaze technology, switch skills and touchscreens and find a solution that could make all the difference.


All About Eye Gaze Technology 

Eye gaze technology is one option that students with complex physical needs might use to access a computer or communication device. It allows students to use the movements of their eyes to control a computer or communication device. This emerging technology can break down barriers to accessing communication and learning for some students who find it difficult to point or manipulate learning materials.

Explore our resources to help you select an eye gaze system, eye gaze accessible software, set up an eye gaze system and download free eye gaze activities.