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What are your NDIS goals?

You may like to attend music classes, learn to cook more independently, or adjust your furniture to better fit your needs.

Whatever your goals are, our experienced occupational therapists are passionate about working with you to achieve them.

They are able to complete functional capacity assessments to assist in demonstrating how AT will support your disability and help achieve your goals.

Other ways in which our occupational therapists could work with you include:
  • Providing advice on assistive technology (devices and equipment) to make tasks easier
  • Showing you new ways of doing activities, such as showering, dressing, or cooking
  • Creating a safer and accessible home environment
  • Providing tips to reduce pain and fatigue
  • Finding ways for you to be a part of your community

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Would you like to know how Indigo's NDIS Services can support you to achieve your goals?


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Please keep your description brief, more details can be provided once contact is made.