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Non-electronic communication aids are tools that can help someone express and understand language.

They are one type of assistive Female Indigo staff sitting with female customer using PODD book in a roomtechnology called Augmentative and Alternative Communication, AAC for short. 

Non-electronic communication aids may also be referred to as low-tech or paper-based communication aids. They may be laminated or made of durable, waterproof, tearproof paper. 

There are many different forms of non-electronic communication aids from robust, multi-level communication books that can be used across the day in a range of different situations, to activity-based books created to be used in certain situations. 

Our team of Speech Pathologists and Allied Health Assistants can work with individuals to customise and develop a range of aids including: 

PODD books: Communication books to meet a range of communication and language needs, setup for direct touch or alternative access methods. Indigo can create customised PODD books. We have both direct access and alternative access templates available.  

Multilevel communication books: Indigo can create customised A4 and A5 communication books. The multilevel communication book is a less robust system than a PODD book and contains core vocabulary and a limited range of fringe vocabulary. 

Activity books: These books contain activity specific vocabulary to be used during activities to facilitate communication. This can be specifically useful with messy play as they are laminated and easy to clean. 

Core boards: Indigo can print and laminate core boards in a range of sizes. Core boards are a single page board with core vocabulary. They can be set up on around the house / school to support communication. 

Communication Passports: A small booklet with a personal introduction to the user with useful information surrounding their communication needs, interests and hobbies.  


Five examples of non-electronic communication devices on a desk
Female Indigo staff holding PODD book and pointing at a picture for female facing her
I page PODD book on desk with multiple people's hands on desk

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