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For students with impaired physical, sensory and cognitive abilities it can be difficult to identify and develop a reliable and independent access method to participate in classroom activities and therefore access the curriculum. The development of specialised mainstream and specialised assistive technology in recent years provides students with more opportunities to participate in classroom activities independently. 

The Unlocking Abilities Project was funded by the Non-Government Centre Support For Non School Organisations of Western Australia (NGCS). A series of handouts have been produced with information on three different access methods (touchscreen, switch and eye gaze) and ideas for developing these skills in the classroom. 

Additional resources for eye gaze were developed in the NGCS funding project Engaging in Eye Gaze and are included below.  An equipment kit for each access method is available for short term loan through Indigo Hire. If you would like further information on the kits please contact us on 1300 885 886. 

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An  Introduction to Unlocking Abilities Resource
The 10 Commandments of Teaching Access Skills
Keys for Developing Touchscreen Switch and Eye Gaze Skills for Learning and Beyond

Resources for Touchscreen Skills 

Resources for Switch Skills