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Please note that as of 1 July 2020, Indigo ceased the hire of low-level and some high-level assistive technology. Between the end of July and 30 September the following items are being phased out for hire:

• Shower commodes
• Hoists 
• Slings 
• Manual wheelchairs (adult) 
• Standers 
• Mattresses 
• General communication items 
• Voice amplifiers 
• Chairs - flotation 
• Bath seats, buggies and chairs for children 
• Manual wheelchairs for children 
• Walkers for children 
• Cushions 
• Environmental controls 
• Bellman amplifiers 
• Alarm clocks 
• Ramps 
• Switches 
• Car supports, harnesses and car seats.

Read about the changes to our Equipment Hire Service. 

Through our Equipment Hire Service we are still offering short term hire of  quality equipment such as:  Assistive Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices, including iPads with communication apps, switches and mounts for people of all ages and abilities throughout Western Australia. If you would like to trial a piece of equipment to see if it is suitable prior to purchasing it please contact us on 08 9381 0600.