Get involved
Are you happy for us to contact you regarding your feedback?
You can request that your feedback be kept confidential and your identity will be protected, however if you wish to remain anonymous the feedback will be acted on to the extent possible based on the information provided.

You are welcome to view our full complaints and feedback policy on our policies page.

Other ways you are welcome to provide feedback include:

  • By phoning our team on 1300 885 886
  • Face-to-face to a member of our team
  • Write a letter to us at:
           Indigo Australasia
           The Niche Suite A
           11 Aberdare Rd
           Nedlands WA 6009

Details you may like to include in your letter are:

  • your name, address and phone number
  • the date you are lodging your complaint or feedback
  • details of your complaint or feedback, including specific dates of events and relevant comments
  • the name of the service your complaint or feedback relates to
  • the name of the person who received the service that your complaint or feedback relates to
If you require assistance to communicate, please contact us, or ask your representative to contact us, so we can arrange an alternative communication option.