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Our Support Services and Pricing

Indigo’s service prices are set in accordance with the NDIS Price Guide. The prices in this Service Agreement may change if the NDIS Price Guide is updated during a Service Agreement period. 

All support services are GST inclusive (where applicable) and include the cost of providing the support services. Any additional expenses are your responsibility and are not included in the cost of the support services provided by Indigo.

Indigo will charge you (the client) for the following items:

Face-to-face meeting or appointment:

  • This may be directly by the therapist with yourself or may involve building the capacity of your support network.


  • Time taken for the therapist to travel to a meeting or appointment with you up to a maximum of 30 minutes at the standard rates for the support services as listed below.
  • Following the last meeting or appointment before the therapist travels back to their usual place of work, Indigo will also charge for return travel up to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Indigo aims to schedule appointments in similar geographical areas; however, considerations are also made for the demand for certain therapists and support services, days of customer availability etc.
  • If an appointment is in an MMM4 (remote area) or MMM5 (very remote area), Indigo will charge for up to 60 minutes of travel.

Non-face-to-face support provision:

  • Indigo may charge for non-face-to-face activities. This may include:
  • All communications (e.g., telephone calls, emails, letters) with you or your guardian as well as with other stakeholders (i.e., suppliers, builders, carers, therapists, other agencies etc.) involved in delivering support services under this Service Agreement.
  • Report writing including assessment reports, outcome/follow up reports, case notes, applications and any mandatory reporting required by professional bodies under our duty of care and responsibilities.
  • Undertaking research specifically linked to your needs and to the achievement of your goals; and
  • Tailoring and/or creating resources to your specific needs.

INDIGO will not charge for:

  • Developing this Service Agreement.
  • Entering or amending your details into our systems.
  • Making service time changes.
  • Ongoing NDIS plan monitoring.
  • Completing a quoting tool.
  • Making service bookings and payment claims.

Cancellations and Non-Attendance

  • Indigo will charge 100% of the service price as a cancellation fee if we are not contacted by you or your guardian to cancel an appointment no less than seven (7) business days prior to the appointment date.
  • Any travel time planned by our therapist as part of an appointment will also need to be charged if Indigo is advised of the cancellation less than seven (7) business days prior to the appointment date.
  • Notice of cancellation should be provided by telephone (08) 9381 0600 or email to help@indigosolutions.org.au
  • This policy applies to all Indigo customers and is in line with National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) cancellation guidelines.

Invoicing and Funds Management

  • Indigo will send a monthly invoice (bill) for all support services provided in each month. All invoices are to be paid in full within 14 days of the invoice date. 

Additional Responsibilities

Indigo agrees to:

  • Provide support services that meet your needs at agreed times and dates.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with you.
  • Always treat you with courtesy and respect.
  • Consult with you on decisions about how support services will be provided.
  • Give you information about managing any complaints or disagreements.
  • Protect your privacy and confidential information.
  • Give you at least 24 hours’ notice if Indigo needs to change a scheduled appointment to provide you with support services. Sometimes this may not be possible where employees are sick; however, we will aim to have your appointment covered by another qualified person or discuss what will work best for you.
  • Give you the required notice if Indigo needs to end your Service Agreement
  • Provide support services in a manner that is consistent with all relevant laws, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, the NDIS Code of Conduct, NDIS Practice Standards and the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Keep accurate records of the support services provided to you.
  • Issue regular invoices and where requested, statements of the support services that have been delivered to you.
  • Listen to your feedback and resolve any problems quickly.

You agree to: 

  • Inform Indigo about how you wish the support services to be delivered to meet your needs.
  • Treat Indigo staff with courtesy and respect always.
  • Talk to Indigo if you have any concerns about the support services being provided.
  • Provide Indigo with the required notice if you need to end your Service Agreement
  • If applicable - let Indigo know immediately if your NDIS plan changes including:
    • if your plan manager or support co-ordinator changes.
    • if your plan stops; or
    • if your plan is extended while you are waiting for a review or if your plan is replaced by a new plan.
    • if you stop being a participant of the NDIS.

Indigo website policy

All material on this website, including (but not limited to) text, graphics, information architecture and coding is subject to copyright.
We are happy for you to reproduce this material for personal and non-commercial purposes, or for purposes permitted by law, provided any reproduction is unaltered, shows the date of first publication and an attribution source is included.

If you wish to make any other use of this material, you must have our prior written permission. To ask for permission or for further information, please contact: marketing@indigosolutions.org.au

Linking to the Indigo website

In order to promote its work, and because the internet is about linking, Indigo encourages a user who maintains an external website to include hyperlinks to www.indigosolutions.org.au, or to any of its pages, on that external site without having to ask prior permission under the following conditions:

These hyperlinks must not:

  • Infringe Indigo's rights, in particular relating to its logo and intellectual property rights; be used for the promotion of the organisation or company, or of any commercial products or services.

As a consequence,

  • Links to Indigo's website must appear clearly as such, i.e. with the complete and obvious Indigo URL; 
  • If you link to Indigo's website, you must refrain from creating frames, or using other visual altering tools, around the Indigo pages;
  • It is formally forbidden to link directly to PDF’s hosted on our site.  Permission can only be granted to make a link to a page within the Indigo main website, on the condition the Indigo URL appears clearly, as specified above;
  • Once a link to Indigo's website has been created, it should be tested to ensure that it works and meets the above conditions.  We would then appreciate being notified via marketing@indigosolutions.org.au.
  • If you have further questions about linking to Indigo's website, please feel free to send us an email at marketing@indigosolutions.org.au.


Information on this site is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.  Indigo makes every effort to ensure, but does not guarantee, the accuracy or completeness of the information on the Indigo website.  Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate.  If errors are brought to our attention, we will aim to correct them.

Indigo may add, change, improve, or update the information of the website without notice.  Indigo reserves its exclusive right in its sole discretion to alter, limit or discontinue part of this site.  Under no guarantee is the validity of the information provided.  The sole purpose of links to other sites is to indicate further information available on related topics.

Indigo reserves the right to deny at its sole discretion any user access to Indigo website(s) or any portion thereof without notice.

For site security purpose and to ensure that Indigo website(s) remain(s) available to all users, it (they) employ(s) software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorised attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage and to detect other possible security breaches.

Indigo logo

Indigo encourages partners, media and other institutions to use its logo when linking or referring to Indigo.  To receive graphic files and user’s guide, please send your request to marketing@indigosolutions.org.au

All Indigo logo reproduction must respect the current rules for use and Indigo’s corporate identity.  Only the most recent version of the Indigo logo should be used.

Indigo logo for authorship and endorsement

If you wish to use the Indigo logo in association with events or publications in a way that implies endorsement, partnership or authorship, you must obtain our written permission and agreement on how the logo will be used.  If permission is granted, it is only granted for the specific event/product requested; usage with another event/product requires a new request.  Please send your request to marketing@indigosolutions.org.au