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The Talking Mats training is delivered in two x half day in-person sessions, by an accredited trainer for up to eight participants. The training is for allied health professionals, carers and support workers who support, work with, or interact with someone who experiences communication difficulties.

Talking Mats is an interactive resource that uses three sets of picture communication symbols – topics, options, and a visual scale – and a space on which to display them.

Talking Mats is a research-based tool to help people think about a topic or issue, and communicate their opinions, ideas and preferences more effectively.  This visual framework helps in two main ways: Talking Mats makes communication easier for people with communication difficulties, and helps to make difficult communication situations easier.

Participants will have an opportunity to:

  •  Learn how to implement Talking Mats to structure client conversations to gather their views and opinions
  • Learn how to evaluate appropriateness and effectiveness of Talking Mats
  • Learn how to reflect on your own communication and evaluate your own ongoing implementation of Talking Mats to ensure validity
  • Learn how to personalise Talking Mats to your own setting.

All participants who attend official Talking Mats training will be registered with Talking Mats in Scotland. You will also benefit when purchasing resources, by receiving special pricing for holding a Certificate in Talking Mats.


 3 rows of picture cards on mat on desk with hand indicating middle row and others hands together on desk

To find out when the next Talking Mats workshop is being run please visit the Events Calendar or to enquire about booking a Talking Mats group workshop contact our Training Lead on 08 9381 0600 or email training@indigosolutions.org.au