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National Equipment Database Improvements 2020

We are excited to share the news that Australia‚Äôs biggest AT database, NED (National Equipment Database) is undergoing some improvements in 2020, aimed at making the database easier to use. Read more here.

If you are looking for assistive technology (devices and equipment) products, you may like to visit NED, our National Equipment Database.


NED offers:

  • impartial and up to date information on over 13,000 assistive technology and equipment products
  • supplier information, current pricing and item availability
  • an accessible and easy to navigate database
  • the ability to compare and explore technology and equipment options
  • the option to set up your own profile and save your searches

Assistive technology could help you to maintain or improve your independence, safety and wellbeing.

There are products available that can assist you to better manage daily tasks, learn, work, socialise, communicate, be mobile and participate in recreational activities.

NED enables people with disability, older people, carers and therapists to research the best solutions available to them nationwide.

If you would like to make an informed choice about assistive technology and equipment options suitable for your individual circumstances and goals, visit NED.

And of course, at Indigo, we can work with you to select, trial and source assistive technology. Please contact us if you would like to discuss solutions to support your daily living activities.