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Top 10 Solutions to Make the Most of Spring

25 October 2022

The sun is out, and our long, wet winter is over! The spring season can create a sudden need to ‘Spring Clean’, our homes, bodies, minds, pets, and leisure pursuits.

While it’s great to dust off the cobwebs and clear out the clutter, sometimes we need a little extra assistance to get all the ‘To-Do’ list jobs done.

Here are our Occupational Therapists’ top ten simple AT (Assistive Technology) devices and equipment to help you this spring:

  1. Long Handle Sponge: This simple device allows for safer bathing, reaching those places that reduced mobility may make difficult. Keeping your skin dewy fresh now we can ditch the jumpers and scarves.
  2. Older male in blue shirt & glasses smiling watering garden2WP BroomaRake: The rake shaped bristles, which mold to the surface being swept, gives this nifty broom the ability to collect everything in its path and reach those tricky nooks and crannies. Get a great result in less time, and less strain with its ergonomic design.
  3. Active Hands Gripping Aids: This aid goes on your hand to assist with gripping objects. With two models and a range of sizes available, cutting the brie on the evening cheeseboard will be a breeze.
  4. Easi-grip Chiropodist Scissors: With a long-looped handle that allows for the whole hand to be used for more control, your toes will be sandal-ready in no time.
  5. Relaxation, Imagery and Inner Healing Scripts: These exercises have been gathered from physicians, psychologists, therapists, and educators - leaders in the field of guided imagery, who know in-depth that relaxation and visualisation can heal the body, mind, and spirit.
  6. Walkers: The warm weather is the perfect enticement to venture out.  With the assistance of an allied health professional, you can choose a walker that is right for you, and gets you out and about in safety.
  7. Bed Comforter: Filled with hollow core silicone fibre, the bed comforter is designed so it can rest between your legs, or as a whole-body pillow. It comes in adult, teen, and child sizing. Change of weather can bring restless nights, and a bed comforter may be just the thing to ease a restless sleeper.
  8. Two older females walking and chatting, one using a walker Anti-Spill Mug: Durable, with two lids (for anti-spill and with drinking spout), the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe (not the lids); and perfect for a cold beverage in the garden on a spring day.
  9. AquaSense Bathmat: A contoured and textured slip resistant mat, made of antimicrobial rubber (to prevent mildew and bacteria forming on the surface), because spring can mean more physical movement, which can mean more getting in and out of the shower.
  10. Footrests: For the home office or the study desk, there are a range of fixed and adjustable footrests with ergonomic design available to meet everyone’s needs. Now you can type up your spring ‘To-Do’ lists or study with greater support.


For more tips and tricks to make your home and hobbies safer, or to find out how to access funding, give our friendly team a call on:  08 9381 0600, visit our website www.indigosolutions.org.au or email help@indigosolutions.org.au