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Top 10 AT Solutions for Winter

21 June 2022

Winter is once again upon us, with its cold mornings, chill winds, and shorter days.

While we dream about warmer weather and sunshine, as we find inventive ways to keep warm and keep the sniffles and cold weather bugs at bay, winter has a way of intensifying all our body’s aches and pains and letting us know we might need a little additional assistance for our day-to-day activities.

Here are our Occupational Therapists’ Top Ten AT (Assistive Technology) devices and equipment to help you during the colder months:

Vehicle Handy Bar

Vehicle handibar with red plastic handleFeeling safe, and more secure when exiting a vehicle, especially when surfaces can be slick with rain gives more confidence and provides a more stable transition from sitting to standing. Inserted into the U-shaped plate of a vehicle door frame, the handy bar provides support when getting out of a car.

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Sanitas Deluxe Heating Throw

Grey blanket folded with heating control on cordWho doesn’t like staying warm while enjoying a good book or binge-watching TV? The heating throw has six different temperature settings and an auto shut off safety feature. Remember, Mayo Clinic guidelines warn that care should be used when treating with heat (or cold), , and they recommend applying these items for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

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Amuheat Mirror Demister

Square silver heating panel with cordThe cooler weather means hot showers and steamed up bathroom mirrors. The Amuheat mirror demister in a self-adhesive heated pad, operational when the bathroom light or fan are switched on (note: this needs to be attached by a qualified electrician).

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4GX Live Life Mobile Alarm with Auto Fall Detect

Mature male wearing personal alarm centre with smaller images around himKnowing help is just a button press away, can provide peace of mind for family and personally, especially when out and about in inclement weather.

The LiveLife 4GX mobile alarm is waterproof, holds up to six emergency contacts and can be worn wherever you go.

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Custom Made Sheepskin Footwear

Four pairs of sheepskin shoes in different stylesA warm pair of slippers on a chilly morning make getting out of bed just that little bit more bearable, especially when they can be custom made to suit individual requirements. All shoes are fleece lined and finished in either sheepskin or leather (cow nappa). Available in a range of colours and sizes.

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Two Handed Mug

Three two-handled mugs in white, yellow and greenSometimes two handles are just easier than one, and a hot cuppa on a cold winter’s morning or evening is an absolute must.

There are a range of ceramic, double handled mugs (options with spout built into the side of the mug), with matching saucers available. Mugs are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

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Hand adhering white tape to a handrailBathrooms can be hazardous at the best of times, but winter means hotter showers and additional condensation, making lots of slippery surfaces.

Thermatape is an adhesive slip resistant tape which can be used to reduce heat transferred on external grab rails. It can also be used to provide a slip resistant surface on internal or external grab rails.

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Alpha Umbrella Cane

Black umbrella open with walking cane attachedProviding stability and balance, a cane can assist in making walking more comfortable and safer and increase endurance; and in case it rains, it can be an umbrella too.

The cane is height adjustable, lightweight, and a T hand grip, the umbrella folds out from the cane for use.

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Lupin Rectangle

Blue rectangular heating pack on the right shoulder of a femaleTackled some winter tasks on the never-ending ‘Chores’ list and feeling achy? Nothing beats a heat wrap to help alleviate those aches and pains.  The Lupin rectangle is suitable for all parts of the body and can be placed in the microwave for easy heating. Lupin’s is allergy and odour free.

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Easy 8 Handy Line

female in a wheelchair next to a 8 line airerWashing day, but it’s raining cats and dogs, having an indoor airing line can make all the difference. The easy 8 handy line is light weight and can hold a full load of washing. Its height allows for easier reach for people in wheelchairs and with mobility concerns and complies with balcony/apartment clothes drying restrictions. 

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Indigo’s National Equipment Database (askned.com.au), is Australia’s most comprehensive database for all types of different equipment. NED is the place to go to find all the above devices, and with thousands of assistive technology items and suppliers, NED can help you to make informed choices about which assistive technology and equipment options are the most suitable for your individual circumstances and goals.

Indigo’s experienced allied health professionals will work with you to select, trial and source the AT that’s right for you. They can help ensure you maintain or improve your independence, safety, and wellbeing.

If you have any questions regarding AT and how Indigo can help you keep your independence, contact our friendly Customer Service team (08) 9381 0600, visit our website www.indigosolutions.org.au or email: help@indigosolutions.org.au

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