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Product in Focus: AT Basics for the Bedroom

2 March 2023

Assistive technology (AT) is anything that supports or lets you do that which you can’t do/or can no longer do yourself. AT can be simple, like a pair of reading glasses, to the more complex, such as a communication program that supports speech, and everything in between.

Assistive Technology doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective – sometimes the simplest items can make a huge difference…. like these AT Basics for the Bedroom.

Vitility Dressing Stick: Sometimes we just need a little assistance in putting on our shoes or cardigan, and there’s a very basic AT tool that can help. The Vitility Dressing Stick is a combination dressing stick and shoehorn. One end has a plastic, push-pull S hook which can be used to retrieve clothing or other items. The other end is a long-handled shoehorn. The stick is wide, with a foam covering to improve grip. 

Banana Pillow (lge): As baby grows, pregnancy can become rather uncomfortable. The Banana Pillow is a versatile Pregnancy Pillow designed to provide relief during pregnancy (and beyond) for your legs, tummy and back - eliminating the need to sleep with numerous pillows. The ergonomic V shape is perfect for easy change of sleeping positions and elevation to relieve heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy and in general.

Button Hook and Zipper Aid: Fingers can be a bit stiff at times, and it’s always good to have a simple, but effective aid to help us out. The Button Hook and Zipper Aid has a double ended timber handle, with one end having a diamond shaped wire used for catching the button and threading it through the buttonhole, and the other end having a metal hook which can be used to catch the tab of a zipper to assist with pulling the zip up or down.

Self-Supported Living Leg Lifter: Age, disability and illness can often make getting on and off the bed difficult.  Sometimes all that’s needed is a simple solution to help lift your legs to and from the floor (without causing discomfort or unsafety).  The Self-Support Living Leg Lifter is a long, webbing strap with a loop on the end to hold the foot. Designed to be used for lifting legs on or off a bed, wheelchair footplates, or into a car.