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Product in Focus: Car Transfer Aids

25 October 2022

Assistive technology (AT) is anything that supports or lets you do that which you can’t do/or can no longer do yourself. AT can be simple, like a pair of reading glasses, to the more complex, such as a communication program that supports speech, and everything in between.

There is AT for every activity and aspect of life. If you want to do it, play it, make it, participate in it, or use it, there is AT available to support you to achieve your goals.

Assistive Technology doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective – sometimes the simplest items can make a huge difference…. like Car Transfer Aids.

Click through to view four of the best Car Transfer Aids available for anyone needing assistance to exit, enter or function safely in a vehicle (as selected by our Occupational Therapist April):

Vehicle Handy Bar: This contoured, non-slip handled device provides a safe and supportive handhold for transferring in and out of the car. Inserted into the U-shaped striker plate on a vehicle’s door frame, it is easy to install and remove.

Leg Lifter: Made from strong wipeable vinyl and a plastic insert to keep it straight for easier placement of a foot into the end loop, this self-help aid has been designed to be used for lifting legs on or off a bed, wheelchair footplates, or into/out of a car.

Aspire Swivel Cushion: With plush, low friction velour fabric and generous cushion layers for comfort, this self-help aid allows the user to effortlessly swivel while seated and assists in manoeuvring into or out of a car seat.

Seat Belt Helper: Easily attached to all seat belts in a car, this aid reduces hip and shoulder strain caused by the twisting motion when reaching for a seat belt.

Grey round cushion in the driver's seat of a carRed handle curved bar with a metal endBody of a person sitting legs extended on a bed using a blue leg lifterOlder female in passenger seat using seat belt helper to put on her seat belt