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For Assessors and Prescribers

The Australian geat2GO program is available in all Aged Care Planning Regions on an “as needs” basis and should be used when no other GEAT provider is available.  



Access the geat2GO program

To access the geat2GO program, Occupational Therapists and assessors can request equipment for eligible clients by registering at the geat2GO portal.

What next?

  1. We will verify your details and activate your account. Professional woman with dark hair, smiling at a computer
  2. Log into  geat2GO to create an online request for products with your client present (their signed consent is required).
  3. Refer the client to Australian geat2GO through My Aged Care , or add the My Aged Care referral code to your online request.
  4. Items are ordered and a care plan is sent to the client.
  5. Client is contacted to ensure they have met their goals.

Visit the Australian geat2GO Facebook page for handy hints and information about the different types of items your client can access under GEAT. This could include lots of different types of helpful devices to make your daily activities easier and safer such as personal alarms, dressing aids, kitchen items, bathroom chairs and non-slip mats.

Information for Consumers

Download the Australian geat2GO FAQ: