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Product in Focus Holidays: Something To Wear

6 December 2023

Whether you’re decking the halls or enjoying gatherings with loved ones, everyone deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous during the festive season – and accessible clothing may be just the gift your loved one needs! 

Clothes are a great way to get into the holiday spirit, but they also make fantastic gifts all year round, and adaptive clothes allow the wearer to feel comfortable without compromising on style. 

Designed for those with mobility issues, or in recovery from a medical procedure, these clothes and dressing aids will help your loved one feel independent while looking their best.  

So, as the holidays draw near, why not consider adding these accessible options to your friend or family member’s festive wardrobe to boost their confidence and make them feel amazing during this magical time of the year.  

The Clipit Pants / The Snapit Pants 

Soft, breezy and stylish, these pants pair perfectly with a festive sweater for a family photo, or a cool shirt on a warm summer’s day. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, these side-opening pants use Velcro for easy access, and are reversible, allowing them to be opened on the left or right, which can come in handy for manoeuvring around injuries. They include flat seams and no tags for less irritation or sensory issues, and the wide leg allows for easier movement and access to your legs if a brace or splint needs adjusting. The black fabric is very soft, and it goes well with shirts of every colour! 

The Side Opening T-Shirt / The Magna T-Shirt 

Available in black, white, blue, and green, and in a range of sizes, these side-opening t-shirts are easy put on and take off and are incredibly comfortable and stylish too! These nifty shirts boast smartly placed openings secured by adaptive Velcro and magnetic closures, perfect for anyone who needs a little extra help with an injury or reduced mobility in their upper limbs or prefers a quicker way to get ready for a holiday party. Like their pant counterparts, they are also reversible and avoid tags and raised seams for ultimate comfort. 

The Top Opening Polo Shirt / The Cova Polo Shirt 

For a slightly more upscale shirt to wear to the end-of-year work party, why not gift your friend or family one with these adaptive polo shirts? They come in a variety of colours and sizes, and feature Velcro openings at the collar, giving more room to slip on and off easily over your head – allowing your friend or family member to get dressed themselves and boost their independence. Soft and minimalistic, it can be worn in a variety of settings and will make your loved one feel confident all year round.  

Button Hook and Zipper Aid  

Buttons and zippers can be intricate for individuals with limited finger dexterity or arthritis, and so this two-in-one tool is the perfect solution for your friend or family member’s everyday dressing tasks. The wire loop is used to pull the buttonhole over the button, fastening shirts or pants, while the hook on the opposite end attaches to the zipper tabs of dresses or coats, making pulling up the zipper easier.  

Compression Stocking and Garment Aid 

Many people rely on compression stockings but may find it challenging to put them on, especially if they struggle with mobility in their fingers and hands or can’t lean over as much to get them over their feet. These plastic gutter aids are large, brightly coloured, and easy to hold as they stretch out the stocking and make it easier to grip and slide your feet in comfortably. If you’re looking for a helpful stocking stuffer, this aid is a great idea!