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Product in Focus Holidays: Something They Need

27 November 2023

December is in sight, and many people will be starting their gift shopping for the holidays – but before you finish up your list, why not consider assistive technology as a helpful gift? 

AT is any device, tool, or piece of equipment that helps someone complete their daily activities, from cooking and cleaning, to showering and getting dressed, and much more. Simple assistive technology products can make great gifts that your loved one may not think to buy for themselves, or realise they even need – and gifting them a present that will make their life easier is a great way to show that you care.  

Our suggested solutions are easy to set up, use, and may be just the thing your friend or family member needs this festive season.  

Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop 

Make your loved one’s cleaning routines easier and more accessible with a robot vacuum! This handy little machine not only methodically cleans your floors, but it can also mop them as well, with its intelligent water control and sensors. You can easily control it via an app on your phone, including mapping rooms, scheduling cleaning times, and selecting speed and pressure controls. It’s the perfect surprise gift for anyone who may struggle with cleaning – or who simply wants to put their feet up and watch the robot go! 

Swivel Cushion 

Soft and flexible, this swivel cushion allows for easy transfer in and out of vehicles. Rotating 360 degrees, it avoids any pain or strain associated with twisting, and allows the user to more comfortably position themselves towards the front when getting into the car, or towards the door when getting out. It ensures that they will remain stable and safe, particularly when used with a Handybar! The Swivel Cushion is a great gift for avid travellers who might need a little more support to get out in the community and beyond.  

Dawn Digital Calendar and Reminder Clock 

This product is a helpful gift for anyone who needs a visual cue to take medication, or who might need a gentle reminder or indicator of the day, date, and time. With high contrast and low glare, as well as a large and easy to read font, the Dawn Clock provides information that is easy to see and understand - you can even set your own messages, whether to remind your friend and family member to complete their daily activities like eating or drinking, or to personalise their clock and let them know you love them before they go to bed.  

Talking Kitchen Scales and Easy-to-See Jug Set 

The festive season is often filled with fantastic food, so give the baker or chef in your life a little extra help with these talking kitchen scales and accessible jug set. The scales will audibly alert the user of the amount that is placed on them, which is excellent for those who need an audio cue, or who are visually impaired. The jugs clearly outline the measurements in a large dark font and come with an easy grip handle.  

Bath and Shower Mat 

Slipping and falling is definitely not something you would want to happen to your loved ones, especially during the holidays! A bath or shower mat may be just what your friend or family member needs and will help keep them safe in the bathroom all year round. The suction cups hold the mat in place against tile flooring, and the non-stick rubber surface increases grip and avoids any risk of slipping in a wet environment. They can come in a range of sizes, from small stocking stuffers to larger under the tree gifts!