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Product in Focus: Alarms and Timers

28 April 2023

Assistive technology (AT) is anything that supports or lets you do that which you can’t do/or can no longer do yourself. AT can be simple, like a pair of reading glasses, to the more complex, such as a communication program that supports speech, and everything in between. 

Assistive Technology doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective – sometimes the simplest items can make a huge difference…. like these alarms and timers.  

Alarms and timers encompass a wide range of products and can be useful for prompting users to take medication or drink water, and there are many ways that alarms can do this, depending on the client’s needs.  

Vibrating Alarm Watches  

Portable and easy to use, vibrating alarm watches let the user know that their timer has gone off with a vibration against their wrist. This not only can be extremely helpful for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, but also provides a physical reminder for those who may find traditional alarms overstimulating or inaccessible.  

Suggested solution:

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Recordable Message Alarms 

For those who need a visual reminder, these types of alarm clocks display the date, time, and year and other messages in a variety of ways. Some clocks will display the information in a larger font for those with vision impairments, read out the date and time or another pre-recorded message, or simply display a visual reminder to take pills.  

Suggested solutions: 

Timer Pill Boxes 

Remembering the right time and number of pills can be a difficult task, so these products can provide a visual or auditory reminder within the box itself. They can display the correct time that pills are supposed to be taken at and set off an alarm as well.  

Suggested solutions: 

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To learn more about what assistive technology is, visit our Assistive Technology Page.  

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