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Seniors Week 2020 - Showcasing Recreation & Leisure AT

Nov 11, 2020, 14:33 PM by User Not Found

Today is ‘Have a Go Day’, the premier event for WA’s Seniors Week. Held at Burswood Park, , Have a Go Day is designed to make seniors aware of the importance of exercise, socialisation and both physical and mental activity. 

With more than 200 stalls, seniors who attend can participate in a range of activities, trial a range of assistive technology (equipment and devices) and visit the many information sites on offer.

In celebration of Have a Go Day, and it’s focus on physical movement and mental activity, today we showcase some equipment and devices to help you get back outdoors, into the garden and recreation.

Peta Easi-Grip Long Reach Gardening Tools: 

These tools have a contoured and larger handle to facilitate a better grip when doing gardening. The tools have an angled handle, which will keep the wrist in a neutral position to facilitate better strength and control when in use.The long-handle allows gardening while sitting and reduces the need for bending down. The arm support cuff enables extra strength from the forearm to utilise while using the gardening tools. https://ilcaustralia.org.au/products/9593


The Ezykneel kneeling pad and frame is a great tool for the avid gardener with reduced mobility. The sturdy steel frame and moulded handgrips assist the user to stand from a kneeling position. The foam kneeling pad is soft, allowing users to garden comfortably for longer as well as keeping knees and clothing clean. https://ilcaustralia.org.au/products/4155

Golf Assistive aids:

The golf ball shag tube and rubber cup ball pickup tools are helpful for avid golfers who may experience lower limb or back pain by  picking up golf balls without having to bend over or squat to retrieve them. 

The jumbo golf grip can be fitted over existing golf club handles to make the handle larger, supporting individuals who may experience arthritis or reduced dexterity in their hands. https://ilcaustralia.org.au/products/14818     https://ilcaustralia.org.au/products/14816 

Lawn Bowls:
With assistive technology (AT) Lawn bowls can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or ability. A portable ramp can allow access to the green, bending can be eliminated by using a bowl lifter, and a bowling arm or bowler’s aid can assist with picking up and delivering the bowl or jack. https://ilcaustralia.org.au/products/3301   https://ilcaustralia.org.au/products/1620 
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