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Indigo Wrapped: 2023 Year in Review

Dec 18, 2023, 13:18 PM by Matilda Gerrans


2023 was a big year – “Barbenheimer” took over social media, the WHO declared that COVID is no longer a global emergency, the Matildas attended the FIFA Cup semi-final, and the NDIS Review report was released. 

It has also been a big year for Indigo; we’ve developed new areas of our business, supported more clients to receive assistive technology through geat2GO, and have been redesigning our National Equipment Database!  

As 2023 draws to a close, let’s take a look at how we’ve grown in our Indigo Wrapped: 2023 Year in Review. 

Aged Care 

Our Aged Care team supports older Australians to receive occupational therapy, physiotherapy, assistive technology, and home modifications so that they can live independently and safely in their own home for longer.  

  • Together, we supported 9,060 clients involved in the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).
  • Home modifications are an important part of helping our clients – and we assisted 500 clients to receive modifications to their homes this year.
  • Assistive tech remains a focus of our work, and we completed 2,783 AT assessments.
  • We also supported 5 allied health students through their placement in the Aged Care team.
  • ...and overall, we spent 3,474 hours assisting our clients face-to-face. 

Disability Services 

Our NDIS team works hard to provide experienced and specialised help to people with disabilities in WA through our occupational therapy, speech pathology, and schools services, as well as helping them access assistive technology to build independence and life skills.  

  • Our Occupational Therapists helped 197 clients this year and spent 1,601 hours supported them face-to-face, providing them with AT and helping them to develop skills to help them in their home and the community.
  • 134 of our NDIS clients were assisted by our dedicated Speech Pathology team, who worked for 1,760 hours to help them with their communication and assistive technology goals. 
  • Our Disability Service team also spent time working with 5 different schools to either develop their skills working with students with disabilities, directly support individual students, or work with future occupational therapists or speech pathologists to develop their career.  


Indigo is proud to operate the geat2GO program, which provides assistive technology to senior Australians across the country. Our dedicated geat2GO team members work hard to supply assistive technology, talk to clients and their families about their options, and make sure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase.  

  • We received 62,593 orders for assistive technology this year and provided 138,633 products to 55,415 customers. 
  • Our overall satisfaction, as well as our product and timeliness satisfaction, was 90%! 

Clinical Excellence 

Newly created in 2023, our Clinical Excellence team has been hard at work to provide clinical governance and support to both our clients and to the wider allied health community. This fantastic team assesses and reviews assistive technology to make sure that the product we recommend are suitable, provides advice to clients and service providers, and conducts follow up calls to GEAT customers to ensure that their AT is working for them. 

  • 9,881 hours of service by our Clinical Excellence occupational therapists.
  • 950 product descriptions on our National Equipment Database were written and updated.
  • After system changes in September, we received 486 calls from allied health professionals, clients, and their families, and prescribed 149 assistive technology devices. 

People + Culture 

Our staff keep Indigo running and performing at our best, and so it is very important that we recognise the many different kinds of staff that we have on board! Our People and Culture team work to hire new staff members to support our growing teams, and ensure that everyone is feeling supported, safe, and able to do their best when they come to work.  

We’re proud to have so many staff members work together across a range of teams and incorporate their different skills into our work. 

  • In 2023, we had a 27% increase in staff. 
  • We also conducted a Culture Engagement Survey with our staff:
    • Our workplace culture (how our employees perceive our behaviours and the ways we do things as a company) scored a 78%.
    • Our overall engagement (how our employees feel about Indigo’s vision, values, and goals) scored a 74%.
    • Our capability (how well our employees think we deliver care to our customers, and to each other) scored an 84%. 

Digital Services

Our Digital Services team supports our business and growth by making sure all of our systems and technology are running smoothly! Our Indigo, geat2GO and NED websites, phone services, emails, and systems have all been developed and improved by our digital team to ensure that all of our staff can do their work properly and continue supporting our business and clients. 

  • We released 90 versions of geat2GO to production.
  • We developed additional APIs that enabled us to connect NED, geat2GO, and our CRM, therefore minimising manual work.
  • We deployed over 100 new devices and enabled employees to work remotely across WA, QLD, and NSW.
  • We developed our first Text to Speech AI solution, using Microsoft and Google.

We look forward to 2024 and another year of supporting our staff and providing our services to our clients – see you next year!