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Product in Focus: Summer Essentials

11 January 2024

Summer is here, and the new year is full of hot days, enjoying the sun and the sand at the beach, or finding a nice cool spot under the air con or splashing in the pool.  

Assistive technology is a great tool to help you make the most of summer and beat the heat in a safe and independent way – so check out our suggested solutions and enjoy the warm weather! 

Keeping Cool 

On hot days, it is essential to stay hydrated and keep cool, and for some people, heat regulation can be difficult to manage, and can even be overstimulating. Drink bottles with counters can be helpful to visibly show how much water you have drunk, ensuring that you are hydrating enough throughout the day. If you use a wheelchair or walking frame, a clip-on cup holder is a handy piece of tech that ensures that your water bottle – or cold drink of your choice – is always within reach.  

To help with heat regulation and to keep you nice and cool, a cooling towel can be placed around your neck or a cold mask over your eyes or face for a refreshing break from the heat.  

Suggested AT solutions: 


Bathers and Swimsuits 

Heading to the beach or to the pool is a fantastic way to keep cool and have fun on hot summer days, and these accessible bathers allow you to swim in comfort and confidence. Slip on swimsuits are designed to slide on and off with ease, instead of having inaccessible ties, clips, or zips, and they come in a range of sizes and colours too. Containment bathers are designed to assist with incontinence and ensure that you are feeling confident and secure, and are made of breathable materials in many different styles and designs for extra comfort and choice. For help with drying off, towelling robes keep you warm, absorb moisture, and protect you from the sun.  

Suggested AT solutions: 


Beach and Pool Accessories 

Besides bathers, there are some other great accessories that can make your swimming experience more accessible. Water walking assistants provide stability and support in the pool, while beach wheelchairs and frames allow you to transfer seamlessly from the path to the sand and down into the water – and can even double as a comfy beach chair.  

When out in the sun, whether you are in the waves or not, applying sunscreen is incredibly important for sun protection, and lotion applicators can help you reach your legs, feet, and back so that you are good to go for sunny summer days.  

Suggested AT solutions: