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Product in Focus: Self Care Essentials

31 August 2023

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, software program, product, or object that supports a person in performing tasks that might otherwise be difficult, including their daily activities. In today’s fast-paced world, self-care has become more important than ever, and taking care of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being is something we do every day.  

According to Headspace, some of the things that contribute to good mental health are connecting with others, staying active, eating and sleeping well, getting into life and enjoying the things that you love, and in celebration of World Self Care Month, we have rounded up some suggested AT solutions that can make achieving those goals easier.  

Connecting and communicating with others 

Staying connected with others is essential for self-care. Talking to friends and family provides emotional support and a sense of belonging, it can help you to handle stress, keep you motivated, and make tough times easier to handle.  

A key part of connecting with your loved ones is being able to communicate with them, which can be difficult for those who need support with communication or who have difficulties with hearing. AAC devices, or PODD books, can be helpful for people with complex communication needs, or even simple AT products can make a positive difference.  

  • Communi-Bands – easily accessible visual aid for yes/no questions
  • Bluebee Pals – a soft toy that connects to an AAC app; it includes a speaker, and the mouth moves along to the words, providing a comforting tool for the user to communicate through
  • BEAN earpods – designed to amplify conversations while reducing loud background noises, perfect for those with hearing loss or sensory needs
  • Bellman Mobile Phone Sensor – this alarm alerts users to calls or messages, and includes a light for a visual cue
  • Mobility Phone Holder – adjustable holder that clamps onto mobility aids such as wheelchairs and walking frames, so your phone is easily accessible
  • Konnect Captioning Videophone – allows you to video call loved ones, and read their words as text  

Exercising and staying active 

Moving your body through exercise boosts your mood, reduces stress, and keeps your body strong. From better sleep to improved focus, regular exercise does wonders for your body and your mind.  

Engaging in physical activities can sometimes be challenging for those with disabilities, depending on their abilities and needs, but regular supports like occupational therapy and physiotherapy, can make exercising and joining in on a sport easier. Whether it’s alternative sports equipment, or products design to make exercising and strengthening muscles more accessible, AT can be part of this process.  

Eating well 

Having a balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function – it boosts your energy, strengthens your immune system, and can improve your mental health.  

While AT can’t help with choosing the best foods for each person’s needs, it can assist with the act of eating itself, and remove a potential barrier to eating good food and getting the nutrients you need.  

  • Non-spill mug – stylish and stable, this mug features a suction cup at the bottom to reduce spillages
  • Duo Cup and Mug Handle – easily grips mugs and cups to allow users to grip with two hands, or hold onto the handle for a better grip on bottles or glasses
  • Manoy Contoured Plate – features a sloping bottom and a high edge to help scoop up food without spilling
  • Red Tableware Set with Bendable Cutlery – bright colour to distinguish food, this set includes easily accessible bowls, plates, and cups, as well as bendable cutlery  

Getting a good night’s sleep 

Sleep is your body’s way of resetting and recharging for the next day, and healthy sleep routines can make or break your physical and mental health. It supports your immune system, gives you energy, reduces stress, and helps regulate your emotions.  

Having the right amount of sleep sets you up for a healthier body and mind, and assistive tech can help you get comfortable and ready for bed.  

  • Bed Comforter – this shaped pillow is comfortable and supportive, and designed to maintain body temperature, so users don’t get too cold, or too hot at night. 
  • Weighted Blanket – calming and soothing for those who have sensory needs or restlessness
  • Bed Armchair – get comfy before sleep and feel supported when sitting up in bed
  • Multifit Electric Leg Lifter – assists those with mobility issues by lifting legs into the bed  

Enjoying your hobbies 

Having fun and doing what you love – it is great for everyone! Hobbies provide structure, give you a confidence boost and a sense of accomplishment, help you connect with others and let you cope with challenges and regulate your emotions in a healthy way.  

Whether you like playing video games, reading, playing an instrument, gardening, arts and crafts, or playing a sport, Indigo’s occupational therapists and our range of AT can help you achieve your goals and get into the fun side of life.