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Product in Focus: Reading Essentials

19 May 2023

Assistive technology (AT) is any device, software program, product, or object that supports a person in their daily activities - whether it is a ring pull for opening cans, a mobility aid like a wheelchair or walker, or communication devices such as Eye Gaze equipment. 

The simple items can make a difference in someone's life, and they don't have to be complex or expensive to allow the user to have more independence and engage in their hobbies, like reading.

As the weather starts to get cooler this week, it’s the perfect time to settle in with a good book, and these products can help make reading easier and more accessible for you – whether it is a romance novel, cookbook, or a university textbook.  


Magnifiers can be a significant help when reading a physical book, particularly for the elderly or those who have low vision, and there are many different magnifiers to choose from.  

Suggested solutions:

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C-Pen Readers 

Pocket sized and portable, C-Pen readers electronically scan books and other reading materials and translate the text to speech, which can be helpfully to a range of our clients, including those with dyslexia. 

Suggested solutions:

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Book Stands 

Whether you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or need some extra support when reading, bookstands can be just the kind of support that you need. Avoid strain on your wrists, eyes, and neck with these stands.  

Suggested solutions: