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Product in Focus Holidays: Something To Read

13 December 2023

A book is a fantastic holiday present to gift to a loved one, and we're dedicated to enhancing the reading experience for everyone, including individuals with disabilities and older readers.  

There’s nothing like lounging on the beach with a good book or beating the heat and diving into a new series in the respite of the air conditioner. Reading can go beyond novels though – assistive tech can also help your loved ones access their cookbooks for a festive family dinner or prepare for the start of school in the new year. 

This festive season, consider gifting the gift of easier, more accessible reading with these innovative AT solutions: 


Reading physical books becomes more enjoyable with magnifiers, especially for those with low vision. These aids not only prevent eye strain but also make reading more comfortable and enjoyable – and can make following a recipe or reading a Christmas card much easier! 

Suggested solutions:

Reading Pens 

Compact and convenient, reading pens are pocket-sized devices that scan books and convert text to speech. Ideal for individuals with dyslexia, these portable pens provide seamless translation of written content into spoken words, offering a more accessible reading experience. 

Suggested solutions:

Book Stands 

Elevate your loved one’s reading experience with ergonomic book stands that alleviate strain on wrists, eyes, and neck. These stands provide a comfortable reading position and reduce discomfort during prolonged reading sessions for when you just have to know how the book ends or are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

Suggested solutions:

Other Resources 

Here are some other assistive technology products your loved one can use to make reading easier: 

  • Victor Reader Trek – an audiobook reader with GPS that alerts you when you’re coming up to your destination, points out landmarks, and makes sure you can listen to your book without missing your stop.
  • Freedom Scientific OpenBook Scanning and Reading Software – this clever computer program turns printed documents into text and reads it aloud, including in multiple languages. 

This festive season, give the gift of accessible reading—empowering your friends and family to immerse themselves in the joy of books without limitations. Happy holidays from Indigo!