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Product in Focus: Gaming Essentials

27 September 2023

Gaming can be a rewarding, relaxing, and most of all, fun hobby to engage in, and for many, it is a daily activity that they enjoy. Assistive technology is any piece of equipment, device, or practical solution that helps a user engage in their daily activities and maintain their independence – and AT can absolutely be used to help a person enjoy gaming and other hobbies.  

Assistive tech can range from high tech devices to simple solutions, and when it comes to gaming, there are many different products that can help you participate in both video games and board games.  

Video Games 

Video games are a fantastic way to have fun, challenge and build physical and mental skills, and connect with friends. There are so many kinds of games available to play, from classics like Mario Kart, to open world adventures like Legend of Zelda. These adaptive gaming systems allow everyone to play and have fun, and involve multiple types of access, suitable for each individual’s needs. 

This controller connects with the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs and is perfect for gamers with limited mobility use or fine motor skills, and who prefer both computer and console gaming. The large buttons are programmable and easy to access, and it also features a larger directional pad.  

Level up your Xbox with this set of adaptive gaming controls. The Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit connects to the Xbox Adaptive Controller for those users who require other forms of adaptive controls. It features 12 controls that are easily programmable, with a range of different sized and shaped buttons, light touch buttons, and triggers, as well as coloured stickers and a velcro mat, so you can arrange and attach them to suit you or your client’s needs.  

Designed for users with limited hand/arm mobility, this mouth operated controller has a joystick four sip and puff sensors, a lip position sensor/button, and a mechanical switch, which can each be programmed to a different button in a video game. An all in one device, the QuadStick Game Controller can be used to play video games on the PS3 and PS4,  Nintendo Switch, PC, Android phones and iPhones, and adapters can be connected to play on newer systems like the PS5 and Xbox. It can also be mounted on a wheelchair, desk, or table for easy access.  

This new controller is designed to allow gamers to use external switches and joysticks for video games using the Nintendo Switch, as well as Windows 10 PCs. All of the switch actions can be customised, and through the Windows Flex Controller Eye-Tracker App, users can even use eye-gaze software to play their favourite games on both their PC, and their Switch. Indigo is very excited to have a Flex Controller available in our Experience Centre, and thanks to the Channel 7 Telethon Trust Grant, clients who book an Information and Advice session with our staff can test out this controller, as well as many other gaming systems, including other eye-gaze devices.  


Board Games 

Good old-fashioned board, card, and dice games are still incredibly fun, whether you are getting competitive with friends, having a family game night, or need an enjoyable power-outage activity. These accessible games and gaming accessories will help you to play your best and enjoy spending time with loved ones. 

Ready for your opponent to draw four? These adaptive Uno cards are embossed with Braille to allow users with visual impairments to identify the number, colour, and type of card so they can skip, reverse, and yell ‘Uno’ with accuracy. 

The transparent card holder is stable and accessible, and great for those with limited hand or arm mobility. Securely display your cards, whether you are playing Poker, Uno, or Go Fish, and reduce strain or pain in your hands and fingers.  

With larger tiles and fonts, and brighter colours, this version of Scrabble is easier to see and play for all users. It also features a tile lock on the board, which ensures that the tiles are held securely in place. 

This kit includes a range of favourite board and table games, adapted with Braille to allow the whole family to participate and have fun. The games include dice, dominoes, Scrabble, bingo, Connect 4, checkers, and draughts.