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Product in Focus: Easter Essentials

4 April 2023

Assistive technology (AT) is anything that supports or lets you do that which you can’t do/or can no longer do yourself. AT can be simple, like a pair of reading glasses, to the more complex, such as a communication program that supports speech, and everything in between. 

Assistive Technology doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective – sometimes the simplest items can make a huge difference…. like these Easter Essentials

Easter can be a time to celebrate with family, and cooking, baking, or preparing meals can be made easier with these items. 


Food Preparation System 

For cutting up larger objects, this food preparation system is perfect for a wide range of uses. Secure vegetables, fruit, bread, and other cooking or baking ingredients using the clamp for cutting, or on the spikes for peeling. 

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Self-Opening Kitchen Shears 

These ergonomically designed kitchen scissors are ideal for those with limited hand strength, and automatically open thanks to the spring loading. Cutting up herbs, small vegetables, or plastic packaging can be easier with these kitchen shears.

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Dycem Anchor Pad

This non-slip surface comes in many different sizes and is great for securing utensils and ingredients while in the kitchen. Keep your bowl steady when whisking or stirring, ensure jars and cups don’t move when opening lids or transferring ingredients, or even use the mat during mealtime to aid in eating. 

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Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts can also be another enjoyable activity during the holiday period, and there are many ways to make the experience accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

Chocolates and other sweet treats can be within your reach by using the Handireacher, which comes in a standard 61cm length, as well as long, and extra-long for those hard-to-find goodies. The jaw can rotate 360 degrees to avoid rotating the wrist and features a magnet and a hook to pick up smaller items. 

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 Here are some other tips to make your Easter egg hunt more accessible for everyone:

  • Hide the eggs at a higher level: Sneaking the eggs onto couch cushions, park benches, on windowsills, or other higher surfaces can be much easier for those with differing mobility needs and can be much easier to see. 
  • Use balloons as a visual guide: Brightly coloured balloons can be an easier indicator of a sweet treat. Tying a ribbon and a balloon to the egg can make it easier to reach, or place the egg inside the balloon for more of a challenge.
  • Bury the eggs in a sensory box: Use rice, sand, or beads in a large box to hide the eggs in, and shift through to find them.

Visit our Assistive Technology page to learn more about how it could support you