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Product in Focus: Cleaning Essentials

31 August 2023

Assistive Technology is any tool, product or device that helps you in your daily activities, and it can be extremely useful and important for older people, or those with disabilities.

There is AT for every activity and aspect of life. If you want to do it, play it, make it, participate in it, or use it, there is AT available to support you to achieve your goals – whether it is as simple as a tap turner, or more complex, like a wheelchair or communication device.  

As we start to make our way out of winter and into some sunnier weather, it may be time for a good spring clean, but keeping your house clean and tidy is also a part of everyday life, and having a nice and organised space can have a positive impact on your mental health. Depending on your needs, you may have someone who helps you achieve this goal, whether that be a cleaner, carer, or family member/friend, or you may like to clean by yourself! 

To make cleaning your home easier, put on a good cleaning playlist, and check out our suggested assistive technology solutions.  

Gripping and Reaching 

Whether you are picking up items off the floor or reaching up high to grab an item off the shelf, being able to access the things you need with ease is important. Reacher-grabbers allow you to pick up items without bending over and straining your back or other muscles, while gripping aids support those who struggle with fine motor skills or tremors to grip objects more securely. Tap turners can also assist in gripping and turning on older taps, and can also be used on other dials, such as on the stove, dryer, or washing machine.  

Suggested solutions:

Brooms and Vacuums 

Having clean floors, carpets, windows, and other surfaces can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a home. Long handled brooms, dustpans, vacuums, and other cleaning tools can help in keeping surfaces clean and reduce or avoid unnecessary strain and pain. Electric cleaning tools can also help in removing the repetitive motions of cleaning that could increase fatigue – robotic vacuum cleaners, or Roombas, can assist in keeping surfaces clean, and are programmable to ensure that it meets your needs and living space.  

Suggested solutions: 

Trolleys and Stools 

Cleaning can involve standing or moving for periods of time, and depending on what you are cleaning, there may be many cleaning products you need to use, or items you need to clean away. Trolleys, walkers, and stools can be an accessible solution. Small trolleys can be used to easily cart around cleaning products, walkers with tray holders are perfect for mobility support and for placing items on to take them to a different area, and stools can reduce fatigue, particularly if cleaning in the kitchen.  

Suggested solutions: