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Our guide to getting AT in your NDIS plan

27 September 2023

Accessing the right assistive technology for you can be a journey, but Indigo’s dedicated occupational therapists and speech pathologists are here to help you reach your goals of independence and get the AT you need.  

Assistive technology is designed to help people be more independent in their everyday life. It can include items like non-slip mats and adapted utensils, as well as larger equipment like specialised mobility aids. It also covers digital tools like Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices that aid in communication. 

At Indigo, we work closely with you to help you find, test, and select the most suitable assistive technology solutions, and our staff will consider your budget, needs and abilities, and what your goals are when it comes to AT, from at home gaming using Eye Gaze technology, to off road bush treks using a motorised wheelchair.  

We’re also here to help you access the NDIS funding you need to purchase your AT, including assisting you in preparing the evidence you need for your NDIS planning meeting. 

Low-cost AT (up to $1,500) is easy to set up, use, and access, for example alternative cutlery, or a walking stick. Some products you might be able to purchase on our National Equipment Database, but we recommend that you receive advice from an allied health professional. Our staff can help you find the AT you need, run through options with you in our Experience Centre, ensure that the product is suitable for you, and show you how to use it safely.  

Mid-cost AT (from $1,500 - $15,000) is more complicated, and you may need guidance from an allied health professional to find and set up the right product for you. The AT in this category varies – it can be a specialised shower chair, or a standing bed hoist, or even low-level AAC devices or communication tools. We will meet with you or your family and provide you with advice on what we think will meet your needs, and ensure that the AT is customised for you, and that you know how to use it safely; then, our staff will submit a report to the NDIS on your behalf, or provide you with a letter of reference that you can take to your planning meeting as evidence.  

High-cost AT (more than $15,000) consists of complex devices that need specialised knowledge to select and set up, and this will often refer to high-level AAC devices, or customised wheelchairs. These types of assistive technology require an assessment by our occupational therapists or speech pathologists first, to determine what your needs and abilities are, and what devices or equipment would best suit you, as well as a quote.  Depending on the equipment, you may be able to trial it first, to be sure that the AT is meeting your needs perfectly. We’ll help you apply for NDIS funding and be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the equipment that is right for you. 

To learn more about the process for accessing AT funding in your NDIS plan, check out our guide