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Neil's Assistive Technology (AT) Journey

9 November 2020

Indigo’s Occupational Therapist (OT) Lead, Evana Jacobson shares how she is working with Neil to reengage with his community and have improved accessibility in his home.

“I first met Neil in late 2019, as he embarked on his NDIS journey. 

He and his wife had moved to Australia from overseas following his spinal cord injury and rehabilitation. They have built a new life for themselves here in Perth. Neil is a very positive person and spends his time developing networks, so he has opportunities to educate students about living with a spinal cord injury. Neil is always looking for opportunities to expand his volunteer work using his IT skills for not-for-profit companies.

Prior to receiving NDIS funding, Neil had independently sourced and self-funded a range of assistive technology (devices and equipment) including his wheelchairs, all without the input of an Occupational Therapist.

I met with Neil in his home, his current powered wheelchair had died, and he was using his back-up manual wheelchair.

4 x pics of indigo female staff, before & after home office mods & client in the kitchen

We did a review of what he wanted in terms of assistive technology (AT) to support his home, community, and life goals. We quickly identified he needed a suitable wheelchair replacement and an accessible office set up to pursue his voluntary and paid work.

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Neil completed numerous powered wheelchair trials and was impressed with the new features such as seat elevation which would allow him to access his top cupboards at home and reach counters at the shops.

With my support, Neil also managed to apply for funding to set up an accessible and adjustable home office and rebuild their home computers. 

Throughout this year Neil has really engaged in exploring AT options with me and choosing what may work for him now and into the future. Neil and I look forward to taking the new powered wheelchair for a spin when it arrives.

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