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Meet the Team: Lucy Strom

21 February 2024


We're lucky to have a new speech pathologist join Indigo in 2024! 

As part of the greater Disability Services team, Lucy joined Indigo as the Lead Speech Pathologist in January of this year. Our speech pathology clients will see her friendly face at Indigo during their sessions, and she also offers information and advice to clients seeking to commence assistive technology device trials. 

What does your role involve? 

I have a caseload who I see to support Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) assessment and AAC prescription/use. The other side of my role is supporting people who come in for shorter information and advice appointments to look at devices before they commence trials. 

What do you like most about your role and working at Indigo? 

Every day is different. I love getting out into the community and supporting people to use communication devices to order coffee or have people come into the clinic. I came to Indigo for the reputation that the company has in the community, and I have really enjoyed working here. 

Tell us about the most interesting project you have worked on during your career. 

It’s probably not just one project, but I love working with Eye Gaze clients. Eye Gaze can open a person’s world whether it is sending emails, scrolling through Facebook, or writing a novel! 

Describe a memorable moment arising from your role. 

I once had a client who was making YouTube videos about her neurological diagnosis. She was making short video blogs about daily life for others who were in similar situations. Through Eye Gaze, she was able to continue making and uploading videos to her YouTube channel. It is pretty cool to see that her videos are still on YouTube and that she was able to continue creating what she loved. 


Of the four Indigo values (integrity, passion, creativity, together), which one do you express the most strongly during your workday, and why? 

Together. I love working as part of a team, supporting others and being supported.