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How AT is keeping Mum safe during COVID-19

23 April 2020

An older lady, mother, and younger lady, daughter, placing their heads together and smiling

Written by Danielle Edwards, passionate Indigo team member 

I am my mother’s primary carer; I have been in this role for over 20 years and it struck me the other day how much I have taken for granted the assistive technology (AT) (equipment and devices) and services mum has and receives; and how much AT has benefited both our lives.

COVID-19 has impacted all our lives. For most of us staying at home it involves a few minor adjustments and is kind of annoying, but nothing unmanageable or requiring anything additional.

For my mum, who is aged and has ongoing disabilities, it would be impossible at this time to continue to live independently in her home without assistive technology; and it would be impossible for me as her carer to continue to work, study and provide support and care.

Older lady sitting in a wheelchair smiling Mum has a manual and electric wheelchair, adjustable bed, shower chair, over toilet commode, easy to use telephonic system, tablet with supports, a lap-top (set up to support mum), level one AT to assist around the home, including a jar grip, snake, shoe horn and leg lift (just to name a few of the everyday AT devices mum uses); and her home also has had home modifications such as rails placed in the shower, next to the toilet and on the side of her bed. Her doors have been modified and her benches lowered to accommodate her wheelchair.

It is because of the dedication, knowledge and passion of my mum’s occupational therapists for AT, that mum is safe, comfortable and functioning within her own home, living a full and connected life; and I as a carer get to have a work, life, carer balance.

The help hasn’t stopped with social distancing, it has just changed, and this is very reassuring in these uncertain times.

The help of Indigo’s occupational therapists (and other allied health professionals) hasn’t stopped either, it has just changed in its delivery; but all our staff are still here to provide assistance and support.