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Giving WA Children A Voice

13 September 2023

Channel 7 Telethon Trust Grant enables broader devices range at Indigo

At Indigo, our aim is to enable and enhance independent living in the community.  One way we look to achieve this is to help people with complex communication needs, including children and their families, so that they can gain independence through communication with their loved ones.

In March, we received funding from the Channel 7 Telethon Trust Grant for our project "Giving WA Children a Voice." With this funding, we obtained 13 different Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, ranging from eye gaze technology and touch screen pads, to gaming controllers and key guards. These devices are more than just tools – they open up gateways for communication, connections, and meaningful engagement.

Our team of Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists can now use these devices to educate and empower our clients. We are proud to have one of the largest range of AAC devices in WA on display in our Experience Centre, and with these new devices, we can provide our clients with more options and help them find the right communication device for them.  

Once a device is selected and delivered, we can also assist in fit, training and ongoing use of devices to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

By placing the options of communication tools and decision-making process on our clients’ terms, we're not just improving communication skills; we're also boosting self-confidence and independence, allowing clients to express themselves genuinely.

We offer information and advice sessions to allow individuals and their families to come into our Experience Centre and try out our range of AAC devices, and our Speech Pathologists can guide them through the processes of choosing a device and trialling it to make sure it works well in different environments. If they need extra supports, our Speech Pathologists can be available to guide through that process on a longer-term basis. We work with NDIS and privately funded clients and can support individuals in applying to access plan funding where appropriate.

To book an Information and Advice session, call Indigo on 9381 0600 or fill out our request an appointment form online.


Here are some of the AAC devices that we have available at our Experience Centre for clients to try during an Information and Advice session:

This flexible and holistic AAC device works as a touchscreen and also features Eye-Gaze for multiple methods of access. It has resources for symbol and text communication, and the extensive content types cover a range of ages, conditions, and levels of understanding and communication. 
It is easily editable for the client and their friends, family, and allied health professionals to include words and themes relevant to them as they grow, learn, and develop new interests, and can be remotely edited using Windows as well. 
As well as core vocabulary tiles, Grid Pad 12 also has a text to speech function, with text predications and memory/message banking. 

This innovative controller has been created to enable gamers to employ external switches and joysticks when playing video games on the Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 PCs. It offers complete customization of all switch actions, and users can also utilize eye-gaze software to play their favourite games on both their PC and their Switch using the Windows Flex Controller Eye-Tracker App. 

Accent 1000
The Accent 1000 is lightweight and portable, for on-the-go communication and easy transport. With both a touchscreen, and eye-gaze technology, users can access the Accent 1000 in the way that they need, and it can also come with NuPoint Head tracking software, or access to switches, if needed. The hard case is designed to be long lasting and durable, and it also features a carry handle, and keyguard. The Access 1000 comes preloaded with Unity or Essence language systems, and there are many different vocabulary options available, depending on the client’s needs and capabilities. 

To learn more about the Telethon Grant equipment, visit our news section.