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Product in Focus: Winter Essentials

26 June 2023


Assistive technology is any device, program, or tool that can help you to engage in your daily tasks, from showering and cooking, to relaxing and socialising.

AT doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, even something as small as accessible cutlery can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  

With the weather getting colder and winter well and truly in full swing, you, a family member, or a client, may need some assistive technology to stay warm, dry, and comfortable, so here are some of our suggested solutions for this wet weather season.  

Umbrellas + Ponchos 

A simple way of keeping dry in the rain, umbrellas and ponchos can be overlooked, but they are invaluable for those with disabilities – especially for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues. Wheelchair capes or ponchos are perfect for all mobility aid users and easily keep you dry by securing over the feet, wheelchair arms, back of the chair, and the head, with a drawstring cord on the hood for extra protection. For those who use a cane or walking stick, you can have the best of both worlds when combined with a large umbrella, which is easily accessible and hidden inside the cane.  

Suggested solutions: 


Heat Packs + Electric Blankets 

There is nothing better than curling up on the lounge or in bed and feeling warm on a rainy winter’s day, and being warm is particularly important for the elderly and those with disabilities that affects their circulation or muscles. An electric blanket or heat back can help relieve muscle, joint, and arthritis pain, and can assist in maintaining blood circulation.  

Suggested solutions: 



A warm drink or meal can make a cold night or morning much more manageable, and the right kitchenware can make preparing a hot cup of coffee or tea easier and more accessible. Tippable kettles help users avoid strain or pain in the wrists, as well as potentially spilling hot water, and two handled mugs provide a more secure grip and easier usability.  

Suggested solutions: