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Meet the Team: Amanda Saleem

28 June 2023

Disability Services are an integral part of Indigo, and the person who keeps it running is the lovely Amanda.  She has been working as the manager for Disability Services since November 2022, and prior to this role, she was the Program Manager for Strategic Projects across Indigo and iLA.

She believes that it was the perfect foundation for her current role, as she got to work across all areas of the business, and really got to know Corporate Services and Disability Services, and says it has been great to bring all of those relationships together!

What does your role involve?

No two days are the same, and while I like to have a good plan ahead of me, it doesn't always work that way, and I must admit I do enjoy the mix that brings. I enjoy problem solving and helping people to find solutions. In my current role, that's about clearing the path for my team, so they can do the amazing work that they do with our customers, while working closely with Corporate Services to make that happen.

What do you like most about your role and working at Indigo?

I love my job, because I have a lot of variety in the things that I do every day and what I love most about working at Indigo, is the talented people who make extraordinary things happen for our customers like using eye gaze technology to communicate and game.

Tell us about the most interesting project you have worked on during your career.

From time to time, I create art, as my side hustle.
The most interesting was a collaboration with a First Nations Elder to create a textile piece incorporating her totem the red tailed black cockatoo.  As part of the process I was invited to join in ceremony which really helped me get in the artistic zone. It was a digital art piece created with a pressure stylus and tablet that acted like a paint brush using your choice of medium and then printed on silk – cutting edge 12 years ago!  

Describe a memorable moment arising from your role. 

My interview was a very memorable moment for me! I remember how organised it was and being impressed with the amount of communication during the process. The People and Culture team did an amazing job and I felt very welcomed - I remember sitting in the interview room and feeling at home and knew in that moment, that this is where I wanted to be. 

Of the four Indigo values (integrity, passion, creativity, together), which one do you express the most strongly during your workday and why?

I would say the value I express most strongly is togetherness. It's really important for me to belong, and for the people I'm working with to feel like they belong too. This means working together and understanding that we all play a part in helping our customers as well as each other, to have a great experience.