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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Conference: The global stage for INNOVATION

2 March 2023

At Indigo we love all things AT, and the recent 2023 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) gave us an opportunity to ‘geek out’ over all the new technology (even if we only got to enjoy it all virtually).  

The CES Expo is the most influential technology event in the world, where breakthrough technologies are launched and global innovators connect with the public, CES features every aspect of the tech sector.

The highlight of the CES was how many companies worldwide are embracing accessibility as a driver in product development and product design, with a noticeable increase in accessibility Assistive Technology being showcased compared to the last live CES conference in 2020.

Creators of the accompanying video, All Access Life, a unique Not-for-Profit whose mission is to empower people with disabilities to live their best life by showcasing adaptive products, attended the show and said, “It was amazing to see companies from around the globe cultivating these revolutionary adaptive products! We also love how eager companies are to adapt their products to be more accessible for people with disabilities.”

 All Access Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xll-cD1yoRs