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Unsure whether to refer for an Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment?

DriveSafe DriveAware (DSDA) is an iPad app that can help determine if an on-road assessment is necessary by providing an objective, evidence-based measure of cognitive fitness to drive that accurately predicts driving ability for older and/or cognitively impaired patients.

DSDA is a cognitive screening tool that measures a driver’s awareness of the driving environment and their own abilities related to driving. The test can be used with any patient whose ability to manage the cognitive aspects of driving may be impaired by a medical condition, injury, or the ageing process. 

DSDA has excellent sensitivity and specificity, and performance accurately predicts which patients require an on-road assessment, and which patients are most likely to pass or fail such an assessment. 

This user-friendly iPad app is designed for use by any health professional responsible for making decisions about cognitive fitness-to-drive including occupational therapists, psychologists, general practitioners, neurologists and other health and rehabilitation professionals. The app can also be used to monitor cognitive fitness to drive over time in the case of degenerative conditions. 

The benefit of using DSDA is that individuals who fall in the ‘likely to pass’ category can potentially be medically cleared by the GP without further assessment if the GP ascertains there are no other factors of concern regarding driving.

Individuals who are identified as ‘requiring further assessment’ can be referred in the knowledge that the time, money and energy costs associated with an occupational therapy (OT) driving assessment are necessary, and have the potential for a positive outcome. 

For those that fall into the ‘likely to fail’ group the GP can use this information along with their knowledge of the patient’s condition and circumstances to determine if they are medically unfit with no further assessment. If the drivers are unwilling to accept that outcome, then they can still be referred to have a full OT assessment but with the understanding that it may not be a positive outcome.

The individuals are thus empowered to decide, with more information, about whether to invest the time, energy and funds to have the assessment. This can be particularly helpful for rural and remote clients where there may be additional stress and costs related to travel and accommodation when having to come to Perth for an assessment. 

GP’s can also benefit from using the app as it can provide greater confidence that referring for an assessment is truly necessary. The report outcome can also act as a tool for discussion with the client as to why they are being referred for the assessment. 

Overview of DSDA

Example reports from DSDA

Get your free trial and register to use the DSDA app

Trying DSDA is easy:

  1. Register with Pearson Clinical. Register Here >  or Log In Here >
  2. While you’re logged in, visit the DSDA page and click on the Free Trial banner at the top (you can only see the banner once you are logged in)
  3. Read and accept the relevant policies and licence agreement.
  4. Check your inbox for an email with step by instructions on how to get started.
  5. Search for “DriveSafe DriveAware” on the App Store or go to https://apps.apple.com/au/app/drivesafe-driveaware/id972965163 and download the app directly onto your iPad. Log in using the account details you set up when you registered.

You’re ready to trial DSDA.

Your free trial allows you to practice using the test as many times as you like but you will only be able to score the test and generate a report for one patient. To order additional report usages, go to the ‘Items & Pricing’ section and add the required number of usages to your cart.