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Assistive technology (devices and equipment) could help you to maintain or improve your independence, safety and wellbeing.

There are a wide range of products available that could assist you to better manage daily tasks, learn, work, socialise, communicate, be mobile and participate in recreational activities.

Solutions for you

If you are looking at assistive technology options, whether it be equipment to make tasks in the kitchen easier, a mobility device, personal alarm or communication system, our experienced team would love to work with you to achieve your independence and inclusion goals.

To determine the best solutions for you, we will consider a range of factors including your individual abilities, the environment in which you require support, and what you want to achieve.

Through our information and advisory service, we offer phone, email, Skype, videoconference and in-person appointments as well as information sessions and displays in the community.

At our Indigo Experience Centre in Nedlands we offer a wide range of current assistive technology items on display.