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Variety Grant gives Kids Control in the Classroom

27 October 2021

Variety WA assists individuals and organisations through their grants program.
A Variety grant provides practical equipment to support the needs of kids under the age of 18 who live in Western Australia, when no government or other assistance is available.

Indigo is extremely grateful to be a recipient of a Variety WA grant for 2021.

The grant has provided the purchase of a selection of specific Assistive Technology (AT) equipment our Schools Team has been using in the classroom with students who have difficulty using their hands to access communication and general learning materials. 

The AT equipment funded through the grant has been used in the classroom for demonstration, trial and training within schools and has been causing a lot of excitement about the things students have been able to achieve. 

three pictures of indigo professionals using switches, AAC and eye gaze in schools Adding to Indigo’s range of switch accessible equipment   has allowed students to control appliances such as   blenders, pour drinks for the class, play musical   instruments and more.

 Infrared and radio-controlled equipment has been used   with certain students’ eye gaze communication   devices to control robotic toys, appliances and even drive a car along the wall.

 AT equipment can create opportunities like this making learning more fun and engaging and increasing students’ control of the world around them while learning important concepts and skills. 

Find out more about the work of our Schools Team.

To arrange an individual appointment or services for yourself or someone you know to explore appropriate AT solutions contact our friendly customer services team on (08) 9381 0600 or email help@indigosolutions.org.au