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People and Culture: Indigo and ILA's Wellbeing Program

31 August 2021

It has been a challenging two years, caused by the global pandemic and research has shown on-going uncertainty can lead to low moods, decreased productivity and increased stress. 

Our People and Culture team wanted to proactively and thoughtfully address the impact that COVID-19, lockdowns and changes n the workplace are having on staff, and implemented a Wellbeing Strategy for Indigo and ILA. 

The program, which commenced in January this year, focuses on providing staff with the tools and opportunities to practice self-care, whether that means slowing down or actively engaging.

Each month focuses on a different wellbeing theme including: Healthy Ageing 

  • Group of females all with eyes closed in a room meditatingConnecting 
  • Giving Back 
  • Peace 
  • Enhancing Sleep and Relaxation 
  • Pausing 
  • Reflecting, and; 
  • Fun. 


To engage staff, and give options in how to participate, People and Culture share a monthly Wellbeing Program calendar announcing the theme and activities for the month, and information relating to the theme is displayed throughout the workplace each month.

The initiative has so far received widespread support and engagement from both organisations and the People and Culture team hope the Wellbeing program will continue support our people  across both organisations and offer the tools and resources, to build individual resilience and self-esteem.