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Get From A to B with ILC!

Sep 13, 2021, 12:58 PM by User Not Found
(Original blog post from 2019, taken from the now decommissioned ILC website)
The ILC’s Driving Service provides driver rehabilitation services for people with disability or a medical condition which may affect their ability and confidence to drive.

In addition to assessments we are now offering driving lessons with a Driving Instructor experienced in rehabilitation, driving in a modified vehicle. Lessons are available for first-time drivers as well as clients returning to driving after an injury or illness. This may include refresher lessons for older drivers to gain a current understanding of road laws and improve confidence on the road. We also provide lessons to clients who require vehicle modifications. An Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment may be required to determine an individual’s suitability for lessons. 

2 men in a white car in a carpark

Stroke survivor, Roger got back on the road recently with assistance from our driver rehabilitation lessons. Roger has had two strokes in 2018 and again 2019, each costing him time off the road in recovery and resulting in some weakness to the left side of his body.

Through the ILC Roger accessed DEG funding for the retrofitting of modifications to his vehicle, including a spinner knob with switches and to subsidise the cost of rehabilitative driving lessons. After completing several lessons to reorient him back onto the road, Roger subsequently passed his practical test and has safely returned to driving with increased road confidence.

Offered in the Perth metropolitan region, lessons are conducted in an automatic vehicle fitted with dual controls. Prices start at $80 per lesson and may be covered by private funding, NDIS, ICWA or the DEG program. In most cases lessons can commence from the driver’s home.

Contact OTDA on Ph: 9381 0635 or email: driving@indigosolutions.org.au or fax: 9381 0688 for more information about funding options and booking lessons.