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A day of vehicle access at ILC

20 February 2019

disability modified van in carpark with female in sunglasses sitting in movable passenger chair with female OT by side for support and multiple people in the background
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the latest information to assist people with disability to access vehicles safely, then the perfect place to be was at the ILC on the 6th of February.

All day long the ILC facilities in Nedlands were bustling with over 50 people eager to find out more about vehicle access, plus presenters with valuable expertise to share.

The event brought together a wide variety of experts across multiple areas, bringing their unique perspectives and experience to those who attended, from occupational therapists to small business owners and individuals wanting to find out about the latest in vehicle modification technology.

There was a real sense of discovery and connection on the day, offering plenty of opportunities for attendees to ask questions and find out about the experiences of others who were there to learn.

The range of topics that were explored on the day included:

  • child seat restraints with the ILC’s Evana Jacobson;
  • crash testing wheelchairs with Amy Bjornsen from Sunrise Medical;
  • wheelchair management options with Amin Akbarian from Mobility Engineering;
  • NDIS considerations for vehicle modification funding with Alison Lim from Department of Communities and Tiffany Colbran from Therapy Focus;
  • the vehicle inspections process with Phil Baddock from the Department of Transport; and
  • risk assessment with Deborah Waghorn from Therapy Focus. 

multiple people in a training room taking notes and watching presntation

The event also included presentations by suppliers including TL Engineering, Vanquip and Accessible Transit.

In addition to these sessions, attendees had a look at vehicle modification technology in person, with the Totalability High Level Assessment vehicle and others parked right out the front of the ILC.

Attendees were able to have a go with the technology and talk directly to the suppliers, getting a real hands-on experience that they can carry on into their work and lives.

multiple people in a carpark looking at a demonstration at the boot of a car
Those who came along highlighted the practical information that therapists can use with their clients and a greater awareness of the range of products available.

“I now have a wealth of knowledge,” commented Rebecca from Maximum Independence.

If you would like to find out more about the upcoming training and events being run by Indigo (formerly Independent Living Centre WA), you can get in touch with the Training Officer at email: training@indigosolutions.org.au, or give Indigo a call on Ph: 9381 0600 or 1800 885 886