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Widya's Indigo Driving Journey

18 February 2022

Widya has had a long, and we’re pleased to say successful journey with Indigo and our Driving team.

In 2014, Widya booked a driving assessment with Indigo (formerly Independent Living Centre WA) and met OT Driving Assessor Simone.

While Widya liked Simone, and found her very encouraging, two lessons in, she knew she wasn’t yet ready to get behind the wheel, “I was too panicky and nervous.”

For Widya, her daughter is everything.

When an accident in 2018, in which she broke both kneecaps and her wrist (requiring surgery) limited her mobility even more (Widya has cerebral palsy and right-side hemiplegia, paralysis of one side of the body), and left her dependent on others for transportation, Widya was determined to get her license so she could take her daughter to school and regain her independence.

“I could no longer access public transport, and became reliant on family for all my transport needs.”       

In 2019 Widya once again referred herself to Indigo, and met OT Driving Assessor Lead Andrew and Driving Instructor Jenny,; “They are both such nice people, and I was ready to have more independence.”

Widya had to learn to drive with modifications: 

Left foot accelerator (enabling Widya to safely use her left foot on the accelerator and brake pedals). Link to product here: Jeff Gosling Hand Controls - Twin Folding Left Foot Accelerator

Lodgesons lollipop with keypad (mounted to the left side of the steering wheel, enabling Widya to steer, and use indicators and other vehicle functions with her left hand only). Link here: LOLLIPOP GRIP (FOR R200 KEYPAD) (lodgesons.co.uk)

“The first time was scary, but then I was like I’ll get this, and then it became more comfortable.”

It was a steady process for Widya, working with Andrew and Jenny to build confidenceFemale in black pants and white t-shirt holding P plates and driver's licence standing next to Indigo's Driving team's vehicle and capability, and in December 2021, she successfully passed the Dept. of Transport’s driving test.

When school went back for 2022, Widya was able to pick up her daughter (in her own modified car, through NDIS).

“My daughter is a very happy girl now, and I don’t have to rely on others.”

Widya is continuing to have driving lessons with Indigo’s Driving team to increase her confidence driving in less familiar settings. Her determination and perseverance are an inspiration, and why our dedicated Driving team are passionate about what they do.

To find out how our Driving Services could assist you with your driving goals, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team on (08) 9381 0600 or email help@indigosolutions.org.au