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Product in Focus: Jar Openers

24 August 2022

Assistive technology (AT) is anything that supports or lets you do that which you can’t do/or can no longer do yourself. AT can be simple, like a pair of reading glasses, to the more complex, such as a communication program that supports speech, and everything in between.

There is AT for every activity and aspect of life. If you want to do it, play it, make it, participate in it, or use it, there is AT available to support you to achieve your goals.

Assistive Technology doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive to be effective – sometimes the simplest items can make a huge difference…like Jar Openers.

Here are four of the best Jar Openers available for anyone with limited hand strength (as selected by our Occupational Therapist April):

Blue dycem jar openerDycem Jar Opener: Made with durable non-slip material that moulds to the shape of the jar and provides additional grip for opening.

Strongboy Jar Opener: A flexible stainless-steel band is fitted around a lid, and then fastened using a screw at the end of the handle. This acts as the grip. The user is then able to turn the lid by holding the handle.

Jarkey Jar Opener: All unopened jars are sealed with a vacuum. The JarKey is placed One-Touch Jar Opener opening a jar on jamagainst the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift, the vacuum is released, and the lid can now easily be unscrewed.

One-Touch Electric Jar Opener: One-touch operated jar opener that stabilises the jar while opening the lid. The outer jaws adjust to stabilise the side of jar, whilst the inner jaws adjust to stabilise the lid during movement.