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Norman's OTDA story

13 May 2021

For many people, driving is essential for maintaining engagement in the community. Not being able to drive can have a significant impact on quality of life.

While continuing to drive after an illness or injury may not be realistic for all people, Indigo’s Driving Services team has assisted many individuals to maintain their independence on the road. This may include incorporating vehicle modifications or structured rehabilitation programs.  Older male in driver seat of car showing hand controls

Indigo recently worked together with Norman, a 78-year-old gentleman with peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling in his feet); meaning Norman was unable to accurately feel and apply pressure to the brake and accelerator pedals.

Norman works four days per week and as the proud “driver” of the family he was keen to retain his driving identity. Indigo’s Driving Services team recommended hand control modifications as the way to keep Norman in the driver’s seat.

Norman completed a successful trial, driving with hand controls, which enabled him to brake and accelerate the vehicle with his hands. He then completed several rehabilitation lessons to build his skills before taking a practical assessment.

Norman has happily returned to driving in a modified vehicle, which has greatly increased his confidence and ability to keep driving safely.

To ask about driver rehabilitation, vehicle modifications and funding, please call the knowledgeable Driving Services Team at Indigo on 9381 0600 or email driving@indigosolutions.org.au.