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Make Winter Easier with Indigo’s Top 10 Devices

8 June 2021

After a long sun-filled summer, winter is now upon us with its grey mornings, early sunsets and chill winds.

Not only is getting out of bed in the mornings cold and uninviting, winter has a way of intensifying all our body’s aches and pains, and letting us know we might need a little additional assistance for our daily activities.

Here are our Occupational Therapists’ Top ten simple AT (Assistive Technology) devices and equipment to help you during the colder months:

1. Avanti Ring Pull Can Opener 

Avanti Ring pull Can Opener

This simple opener is a multi-purpose device for opening pull tabs, flip tops or twist off lids. Whether you’re preparing the soup from scratch, or opting for your favourite Campbells soup flavour, opening the right can will be that much easier.

2. Two Handed Mug (with spout option)

There are a range of ceramic, double handled mugs (options with spout built into the side of the mug), with matching saucers available. Mugs are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Sometimes two handles are just easier than one, and a hot cuppa on a cold winter’s morning is an absolute must.

3. Vehicle Handy Bar

Inserted into the U-shaped plate of a vehicle door frame, the handy bar provides support when getting out of a car. Feeling safe, and more secure when exiting a vehicle, especially when surfaces can be slick with rain gives more confidence and provides a more stable transition from sitting to standing.

4. Conni Absorbent Floor Mat

 large, absorbent, slip resistant mat with rubber backing (only available in grey). In the cooler months, sometimes the inclement weather has an annoying way of finding its way indoors and turning your floors into slipping hazards. Strategically placed slip resistant mats could help navigate slippery floors. 

Sock/Stocking Aid - Terry Cloth

5. Sock/Stocking Aid -Terry Cloth

This is a flexible plastic aid, lined on the inside to reduce friction, and terry cloth on the outside to prevent sock slippage. Slightly cone shaped, with loops at the ends of the two long pulling tabs, that act as handles to pull socks up onto the foot with greater ease. No-one wants to be bare foot longer than needed when changing shoes, and not having to bend down too far to struggle with socks, can make the task quicker and simpler.

6. Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves

Non-bulky insulated gloves allowing you to keep your hands warm but still functional, exactly what is needed in the cooler months. Warm hands mean things get done with more ease and in less time.

7. Seat Belt Easy Reach

This simple and portable plastic seat belt reacher that clips on to most lap sash seat belts, is great when your arms and shoulders don’t have their usual range of movement. Getting going is made easier during those cold winter mornings, when it’s hard to grip the seat belt.

8. Sunbeam Safe and Sound Heated Throw

Who doesn’t love a heated blanket? When you’re reading a book or watching your favourite TV show in your living areas or outside (if there is power). It is important to be made aware, when self-treating with heat (or cold), Mayo Clinic guidelines warn that care should be used, and they recommend applying these items for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

9. The Able Label Clothing Range

This is a range of adaptive clothing for women and includes outwear and under garments in varying sizes and fabrics. Easy clothing to make it simpler to get dressed on a cold winter morning, a good idea is to build layers of clothing, so you don’t end up with heavy, bulky clothes to manage when moving about.  3 Key Turner

10. Three Keys Turner  This is a curved, plastic handled device that can hold up to three keys. The handle provides a large grip and gives extra leverage when turning a key in a lock. Who doesn’t want to get inside and out of the wind and rain on a particular wintry, grey day?

Indigo’s National Equipment Database (askned.com.au), is Australia’s most comprehensive database for all types of different equipment. NED is the place to go to find all the above devices, and with thousands of assistive technology items and suppliers, NED can help you to make informed choices about which assistive technology and equipment options are the most suitable for your individual circumstances and goals.

Indigo also has a wide range of AT (equipment and devices) available on display at our Nedlands Experience Centre to help you to maintain or improve your independence, safety and wellbeing; and our experienced allied health professionals who will work with you to select, trial and source the AT that’s right for you.

Download a copy of the Making Choices Finding Solutions booklet for more handy hints for around the home.

For more tips and tricks to make your home and hobbies safer, or to find out how to access funding, give our friendly team a call on:  08 9381 0600, visit our website www.indigosolutions.org.au or email help@indigosolutions.org.au