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Indigo's Specialised Driving Lessons Assisted Claire to get her Licence

21 June 2022

Claire, who lives an active life with autism and anxiety, began her journey with Indigo in September 2020 when she was referred to our Driving team for an Occupation Therapy driver assessment to determine her potential for driving and if other supports would be needed.

Young female standing next to Indigo vehicle in shorts and patterned t-shirt holding P plateOur OT driver assessor Nick, saw potential and referred Claire take specialised driving lessons to build her confidence and skills behind the wheel before she sat her Department of Transport driver licence.

“I’m not sure how many lessons I had, but it was a lot. It wasn’t very nerve-racking and was fairly easy-going.  Mark was nice and helped me to learn to drive really well.”

All Indigo specialised driving lessons are tailored to individual needs and are completed in an automatic dual controlled vehicle.

Claire’s specialised lessons with Mark, Indigo’s Driving Instructor saw her practice lots of parking, steering, and driving simulations like a Department of Transport driving test.

Mark also had Claire practice driving in different traffic conditions
and times of the day to help further build her confidence and skills.

All the practice and Claire’s dedication paid off as she passed her driving test at the beginning of this year and achieved her goal of getting her licence.

“It feels pretty good, it’s good to be able to drive and feel confident. I mostly drive to work; I also sometimes drive my friends around.”

Well done Claire, what a great achievement, we wish you all the best on the road.