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Brenda's OTDA story

17 May 2021

Indigo specialises in occupational therapy driving assessment and rehabilitation.

There are strong links between driving, health, well-being, and identity, particularly for the elderly population who have been road users for many years. 

Indigo recently worked with Brenda, a 76-year-old lady who had lost confidence on the road.  Smiling mature woman in the drivers seat of white car

Brenda was experiencing heightened anxiety and challenges with short-term memory due to some personal stressors, and despite not being at-fault, Brenda was also involved in a car accident that reduced her assurance in busier traffic.

Supported by her medical practitioner, Brenda was encouraged  to complete an occupational therapy driving assessment. This led to Brenda engaging in a driving rehabilitation program with Indigo, focusing on improving her decision making at intersections with traffic or in busier, unfamiliar road environments. 

Indigo was able to assist Brenda with accessing funding to deliver driver rehabilitation lessons, and now she is back on the road:

“I had a couple of accidents and I lost a lot of confidence. Having these assessments has really given me back my driving confidence. I’m doing really well with it.” She said.

To ask about driver rehabilitation, vehicle modifications and funding, please call the knowledgeable Driving Services Team at Indigo on 9381 0600 or email driving@indigosolutions.org.au.