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Female with long blondish hair and white blouse smiling with trees in background  Your role/title: Sarah, People and Culture Administrator

What does your role involve? My role includes providing support to the People and Culture team across a range of different functions. Some of these include recruitment, selection and appointment, employment conditions, occupational safety and health, and reviewing of HR strategies, processes, procedures and systems. 


How long have you worked at Indigo? I commenced as a volunteer in July 2019, shortly after I commenced my current role. 

What do you like most about your role or working at Indigo? The interaction I have with a range of individuals and teams, the diversity of my day-to-day tasks and the ability my role has allowed me in gaining a great deal of knowledge. 

What has been the most interesting project you have contributed to in your time at Indigo? 
Recently Lisa and I implemented a wellbeing program. This has allowed us the opportunity to provide staff with tools and opportunities to practice self-care in different forms.  The program has been developed in line with an understanding of five different interactive lifestyle pillars that interact with one another to develop good function. It has been great so far, a few initiatives we have implemented include fruit baskets, in-house yoga and charity donations. I love the idea of the program, and ability it has in providing staff with not only tips and tricks for managing work but also how these ideas and tools can be implemented in their own personal lives. 

Describe a memorable moment of your time at Indigo: A memorable moment comes down to the connections I have made with others in the organisation. Indigo is a great place to work, my time here has allowed me to connect with a range of people who encourage and support me and my goals.

Of the four Indigo values, which one do you express the most strongly during your workday and why? (Integrity, passion, creativity, together): Passion and Together. I am passionate about my role as it aligns very closely with my current university degree – Bachelor of Science: Psychology and Human Resource Management.  Together is evident in my daily work as I work not only with others to implement practices within the organisation, but I also have developed some great connections with others.