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Indigo-9Your role/title/length of time with Indigo:

 Nick, General Manager Corporate Services.  I’m in week 12.

 What does your role involve?

 I’m responsible for the leadership, strategic management and performance of Corporate Services for Indigo and iLA across the functional areas of Finance, People & Culture, Information and Communications Technology, Business Development, Quality and Risk, and Facilities and Property. 

 What do you like most about your role or working at Indigo?

 Working with an amazing group of passionate, talented and committed staff not only within my teams but across Indigo and iLA.   While it is still very early in my new role, I am enthusiastic about the important causes that both Indigo and iLA serve, and increasingly motivated by the genuine opportunities that both Indigo and iLA have around sustainable growth, diversification, innovation, and business improvement that will benefit the people we serve as well as our staff and stakeholders.  I’m also enjoying the diversity of my work, which varies from day to day and week to week.    

Tell us about the most interesting project you’ve worked on during your career:

 In 2018, I led the relocation project for the Telethon Kids Institute in moving from Subiaco to its new research facility at Perth Children’s Hospital.  This involved moving 500 research and professional staff as well as expensive and fragile research equipment, hazardous laboratory consumables, ICT equipment, records, thousands of laboratory mice and millions of valuable biological samples stored in -80 freezers and cryogenics. 

 Describe a memorable moment arising from your role:

 Getting locked out of the East Perth office in my first week working there.  I’d left my lift token in my car, which I discovered after I got into the lift to travel down to the car park at 6pm.  Locked out of level 2 and the basement, and only able to access ground floor, I had also run my phone battery down to empty.  So after buying a phone charger from the local petrol station, and walking around East Perth for some time waiting for my phone to get enough charge from my laptop, I finally managed to ring home and get picked up by my slightly amused but mostly sympathetic wife.  Despite the embarrassment, there were many lessons learnt that evening.

 Of the four Indigo values, which one do you express the most strongly during your workday and why? (Integrity, passion, creativity, together)

 In reality, all four resonate strongly with me and my experience has been that all four are expressed in the way I work.  However, the most significant value expressed to date has been “Together”.  Most of my career successes have come from close collaboration with others, and I firmly hold the view that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  My experience since joining Indigo has been that our people perform best and thrive when they are working in genuine partnership with others.


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