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Gertie, Quality Risk Professional 

What does your role involve?

A key function of my role focusses on the organisation’s commitment to continuously improving the outcomes of care and service delivery. Quality improvement is fundamental to the way the organisation thinks about what it does and as such my role works collaboratively with all business units to ensure quality is embedded within the organisation’s philosophy, practices and business processes.

Sitting alongside my quality portfolio is risk and here the focus is on ensuring risks are identified, minimised and managed and that lessons learned enable us to identify opportunities for improvement and empower us to drive and embed change.

How long have you worked at Indigo?

I started with Indigo in February this year. I was a mere six weeks into my role when the COVID-19 global pandemic struck, and the majority of the workforce moved to working remotely. It was a bit of a shock to the system at first, especially as I was still getting to know the organisation and its people. However, given the integrated information management systems coupled with a connected and engaged culture, it was so easy to continue to build and maintain effective relationships.

What do you like most about your role or working at Indigo?

I love being part of an organisation dedicated and committed to enabling and empowering people to live their best life. My role also is quite diverse and I have been lucky enough to work on initiatives to review and develop processes which guide and support our day to day business activities.

I have also enjoyed being part of the Clinical Governance Committee, which monitors organisational service delivery to ensure customers receive safe and high-quality care.

What has been the most interesting project you have contributed to in your time at Indigo?

I have worked as part of the team which put in place both the system and process to ensure feedback, both positive and negative, and incidents are managed to ensure improvements to the systems of care. Over the last months I have watched the organisation engage in this process, eagerly embracing opportunities to improve while openly recognising and acknowledging numerous awesome outcomes.

Describe a memorable moment of your time at Indigo:

My first tour around the Experience Centre. There is so much equipment and many practical solutions all designed to enhance wellbeing and promote independence. This one stop shop which is supported by a team of informed, engaged, passionate professionals is definitely worth a visit.

Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic changed a lot of things about how we interact with each other and with our customers. Was there a particular piece of assistive technology (devices and equipment) that you used while working remotely, which made your workday easier or more comfortable?

I absolutely love TEAMS. From having a quick chat, to virtually meeting, it has enabled me to keep connected, engaged and informed.

Of the four Indigo values, which one do you express the most strongly during your workday and why? (Integrity, passion, creativity together).

I am passionate about my work and approach each day with purpose in the hope that my contribution assists the organisation in communicating and defining the way we work every day with integrity, passion, creativity and together.

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